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Wasteland Releases First Adult Film Mashup NFT – “Succubus”

Wasteland Releases First Adult Film Mashup NFT – “Succubus”

Wasteland Releases First Adult Film Mashup NFT – “Succubus”

One of the internet’s oldest adult websites demonstrated today that it remains on the cutting edge of consumer and entertainment technologies, as Wasteland.com announced the release of the first award-winning porn film available as a non-fungible token (“NFT”).

NFTs are often described as “digital containers” designed to hold a one-of-a-kind priceless collectible, like a trading card or rare, ancient coin. The fundamental difference between an NFT and a collectible like an ancient coin, of course, is that NFTs have no physical form. NFT already is a well-established medium in the market for fine art, where selling NFT has garnered artists hundreds of thousands – even tens of millions – in income.

“I find NFT fascinating as a technology and distribution medium,” said Wasteland.com founder and owner Colin Rowntree. “At a time when the unfettered piracy of adult content has absolutely cratered the perceived value of porn as a product, NFTs are an intriguing, emerging means of reinjecting some value through real scarcity.”

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”7718″] (Trailer from the cult classic Succubus)

About the Movie Succubus

Wasteland’s newly released NFTs features Raven Riley and Liz Vicious from the Wasteland.com cult horror porn classic Succubus, with never-before-released footage of the two performers. Produced in Dayton Ohio in 2005-2007, Succubus is a full-length motion picture and one of the largest-budget films in the history of the adult industry, reportedly second only to Digital Playground’s Pirates.

Launched in 1994, Wasteland.com was among the first commercial adult sites on the internet. Over the years, Wasteland and Rowntree have continued to be at the front of the pack in adopting new technologies, from the early days of video streaming to recent explorations of virtual reality (VR) content – and now, NFT.

“I’m endlessly curious about the latest and greatest tech toys,” Rowntree said, while noting that he believes NFT will be more than just another blip on the fad-radar. “Not every new advancement has the same sort of potential to create revenue that NFT offers – or to facilitate something special and unique from the collector’s perspective.”

“Succubus – The NFT” is available in a total of 10 limited edition mintings starting Monday, March 22nd at rarible.com with opening minimum bids set at 0.3 ETH ($545.04) which includes an unlockable 3 minute exclusive video mashup of Raven Riley and Liz Vicious and an original autographed cast photo.

You can see the full 2-Hour original cult classic Succubus at Wasteland.com – Click Here

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Simon Blackthorne is a Dungeonmaster at Wasteland.com. With over 30 years experience as a MaleDom, he brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and wit to the BDSM scene. Simon was one of original directors and contributors to Wasteland starting in 1995 and is a respected leader in the New England BDSM community. You can see Simon's BDSM Video Demonstrations and Tutorials at Wasteland.com
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