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From the Eyes Behind <<O>> and Marquis, Comes DITA VON TEESE – The Early Shootings
Dita Von Teese

From the Eyes Behind <> and Marquis, Comes DITA VON TEESE – The Early Shootings

Dusseldorf, Germany — Peter W. Czernich, the visionary behind <<O>> and Marquis magazines has released details on his latest project, DITA VON TEESE – The Early Shootings.
Czernich is an icon in the glossy and exotic realm of fetish photography. Much of today’s latex and fetish photography has shiny roots back to Czernich’s work in the magazines Skin Two Germany, <<O>>, Heavy Rubber and Marquis, where he acted as publisher, editor and photographer. These works by Czernich bridged fashion and erotic photography with captivating models in slick latex and high fetish couture.
Many models featured in <<O>> and Marquis, saw their careers skyrocket after appearing in the publications, but among the most famous fetish supermodels was Dita Von Teese. An icon herself, Von Teese crossed over with international burlesque performances, mainstream modeling, acting and is still considered a superstar. She distributes her own lingerie and perfume ads and her recent Glamonatrix tour was an astounding success.
“Dita is in a class of her own and this book is my tribute to her,” explains Czernich. “I was one of the first photographers to work with Dita von Teese. In the years 1996-2004, over 3,000 photos and 20 hours of video material were created during six sessions, some of which lasted several days.”
With The Early Shootings, Czernich reminds us where today’s fetish art came from, and this limited edition hardcover series is an instant collector’s item for fashion, fetish, and erotic art fanatics. 
The crowdfunded project can be found at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/peterwczernich/dita-von-teese-the-early-shootings and options range from a simple copy of DITA VON TEESE – The Early Shootings, to reward packages including copies autographed by Von Teese, fine art prints, and DVDs produced by Czernich, featuring Von Teese.
Visit https://eshop.peterwczernich.com for more eye candy by Peter W. Czernich and amazing fetish artwork.

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