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Nipple Clamps – Tweaking The BDSM Situation
Nipple Clamps As A Fashion Statement!

Nipple Clamps – Tweaking The BDSM Situation

by Simon Blackthorne at Wasteland.com

The male nipples – generally speaking – are much smaller than the female ones. However, do not underestimate their erotic capabilities, just because they are smaller. Many men do not even realize the capabilities of their own nipples and to many men incorporating Nipple Clamps into your erotic power exchange play will be a sensational discovery.

Except for tying them, everything you, as a woman, can do with your own nipples – in the erotica sense of course – you can do with the male nipples as well and in general that will produce the same erotic sensation and effect. However, especially when it comes to erotic power exchange, you need to know a couple of technical tips and tricks to be real successful, when it comes to Nipple Clamps.

Nipple clamps

Nipple Clamps Cartoon

Nipple Clamps Cartoon

Since the male nipple usually is smaller, not all Nipple Clamps that works for women will produce the same effect for men. Not only are the nipples smaller, the male nipple will also become more slippery as a result of sweating, meaning that Nipple Clamps are less likely to stay in place. They will slip off slowly. That is very painful, which can be fun if your sub can handle that but usually is experienced as anything BUT fun.

For this reason, when buying clamps turn to smaller, metal ones. Specialized BDSM-shops will sell clamps with small “teeth” inside. These look more intimidating than they really are, but they are helpful to keep the clamp in place. Often all other commercially available clamps will simply not hold and you need to turn to other – usually home made – solutions. Here is one, based on simple adjusted clothespins.

Removing parts of the sides of the clamping area using a rasp or sandpaper leads to the creation of “pinpoint pins” . These provide two benefits, the same clamping pressure will be applied over a smaller area (hence increasing the sensation), they will fit on the male nipple and double the number of clothespin tips may fitted to the same bit of anatomy (other then the nipple). Remember to round the edges slightly with sandpaper to avoid splinters or other inadvertent injury.

Your nails, fingers and teeth – Especially as a FemDom you carry your most important toy box around every day: your nails, fingers and teeth. They are especially effective when it comes to nipple play. A constant tease – alternating massage, squeezing, pinching, biting and pulling the nipples – especially if your sub is blindfolded, will drive crazy and usually far beyond his limits. Such nipple play in general will make a great entree to other, more severe things but also can be a play form on its own.

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Simon Blackthorne
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