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The Training Of Giselle Humes

The Training Of Giselle Humes

Play, within BDSM circles, is any of the wide variety of “kinky” activities. This includes both physical and mental activities, covering a wide range of intensities and levels of social acceptability. The term originated in the BDSM club and party communities, indicating the activities taking place within a scene. It has since extended to the full range of BDSM activities.

Play can take many forms. It ranges from light “getting to know you” sessions where participants discover each other’s likes and dislikes to extreme, extended play between committed individuals that know each other’s limits and are willing to push or be pushed at their boundaries. While physical activities are better known and more infamous, it also includes ‘mental play’ such as erotic hypnosis and mind games.

Giselle finds herself bound and inverted in some strange dungeon. A masked man approaches and without hesitation slides his cock into her waiting mouth. After a few good strokes he pulls out and chastises her for a horrendous job sucking his dick and so her training begins! Flogging, taz-zapper, hot wax, cropping, clothes pins and multiple controlled orgasms in this weeks update – The Training Of Giselle!

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Giselle Humes BDSM Sex

A bit of Hot Wax to focus her….

Giselle Humes BDSM Sex

Geselle Braces Herself For The Next Blows

Giselle Humes BDSM Sex

Tears of Submission

Giselle Humes BDSM Sex

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