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New Movie Release – Nickel Dakota’s Sector King Zulu King

New Movie Release – Nickel Dakota’s Sector King Zulu King

From bootcamp to the battlefield, three female soldiers rely on both their natural and military resources to push through their struggles. In the midst of strenuous and erotic training as well as the incoming explosions and combat from an approaching enemy, they gather their wits, deviance, subversion and sexuality to overcome their obstacles. This is not your grandfather’s war. This is Sector King Zulu King.

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Nickel Dakota's Sector King Zulu King
ABOUT THE DIRECTOR: Nickel Dakota has been producing fetish films for a little over 10 years, specializing primarily in commercial storyline-driven niche fetish genres geared to very specific audiences. Throughout this period, while under the mentorship and guidance of erotic filmmaker Maria Beatty, Nickel was inspired to focus on producing a more substantial and significant erotic film for a wider audience while maintaining subversive, provocative and deviant tones. This personal mission led to the creation and completion of his erotic war film Nickel Dakota’s Sector King Zulu King.

Nickel Dakota's Sector King Zulu King
Nickel’s statement on the film: I’ve always had a fascination with war films, from The Bridge on the River Kwai to Apocalypse Now to Saving Private Ryan. I’ve been drawn to the grit and the grime and the desaturated colors, the camaraderie between soldiers as well as the bass of the explosions and rhythms of machine gun fire. However, I’ve never been particularly comfortable with war film violence. I wanted to explore replacing this violence with BDSM-related sexual activity while at the same time maintaining the audible and visual appeal of war films. Even going so far as to transform instruments manufactured for taking lives into instruments of sexual pleasure. The sex scenes were also filmed and edited in a similar pacing as action and battle scenes of traditional films.

Nickel Dakota's Sector King Zulu King
The production of this film was a grueling and unnerving experience, particularly throughout the post production process. Striving for perfection, there were too many times when I wanted to give up, lose my nerve and throw my computer directly across the room and gleefully watch it smash into the nearest brick wall. This was an exercise of overcoming the challenges and obstacles involved in creating a piece of art with no evident audience and very little precedence. Yet in spite of that, I developed a personal relationship with this project that grew far deeper than anything I had done previously. Even when I re-watch the film to this day, I am reminded that erotic filmmaking deserves the same passion and respect towards the craft of filmmaking that any other genre commands. I believe this film holds up to that. I hope that audiences connect with this film as much as I have and that every frame entertains the senses.

Nickel Dakota's Sector King Zulu King
Nickel Dakota’s Sector King Zulu King was an official selection of the 2016 Cinekink Film Festival and the 2016 Porn Festival Berlin.

Colin Rowntree, Founder of Wasteland.com and AVN Hall Of Fame, Founders Division Inductee says, “Sector King Zulu King is one of the most signifacnt new works to be released in the BDSM/Kinky genre in recent memory.  Excellent cinematography, acting, script, editing and soundtrack.  Truly a work fo art!”

Sector zulu

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