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New Movie Release: Happy Male Chastity Lockober!

New Movie Release: Happy Male Chastity Lockober!

Male Chastity Lockober! This month is chastity device month and we will celebrate. Welcome to your prison! No one can see your silent male tears. You may look like a normal, functioning man, but underneath your khaki pants is a cage encasing your dick, where I hold the key. You are stuck with me, and I will drink your agony like soda pop. Happy Lockober, bitch. Make me proud.

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Male chastity is not a new concept, and there are many examples throughout history of men abstaining from sex, masturbation, orgasms, or all three!

One of the most prominent examples people usually remember are the many varieties of buddhist monks, who often vow to live their lives out in chastity. Rather than simply not having sex anymore though, these monks often move to a monastary and seclude themselves from many more aspects of human interaction.

More recently, the #nofap movement convinced men all over the world to abstain from masturbation for various reasons. This movement started in 2011 and attempted to convince men to give up masturbation touting benefits such as increased concentration and productivity.

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