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Golden Nectar of the Goddess

Golden Nectar of the Goddess

To see Goddess Starla and her submissive friend Chelsea Chainsaw play together is a rare treat. Chelsea is submissive by nature but lacks any sort of proper training and so Goddess Starla has agreed to take her on and give her a proper slave training for a weekend. Goddess Starla doesn’t hold back anything; flogging and spanking her poor slave’s ass until it is a crimson red. Lucky for us and perhaps too bad for the foul mouthed Chelsea, her lack of manners and obedience cause Starla to be so angry that she gives us all a visual treat – Golden Nectar!

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golden nectar showers

Pay Attention, Slut!

golden nectar showers

Goddess Starla ramps it up.

golden nectar showers

What’s for dessert, Goddess?

bdsm water sports

Coffee, Tea or Nectar, Chelsea?

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