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Giselle Humes Domestic Discipline

Giselle Humes Domestic Discipline

Domestic Discipline, or simply DD, is the enforcement of order, usually by punishment for infringement of rules applied in a domestic context, normally between members of a household. In the generally voluntary context of adult relationships, it is specifically applied to the practice of inter-spousal discipline. Commonly in a heterosexual relationship, the disciplined is the woman and the disciplinary is the man. Many power exchange style relationships have elements of DD.

Giselle Humes survived her first encounter with Goddess Starla in, Breaking The New Girl. Now, having performed so well, Goddess Starla has awarded Giselle the honor of some intimate, up close and personal interaction. The heat turns up as they take things to a spine shaking, heart stopping level pulling out all the stops and busting out a multiple orgasm, double dong, body shaking experience.
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Giselle Humes Domestic Discipline

A good warm up paddling to get things started….

Giselle Humes Domestic Discipline

Ride it, Giselle!

Giselle humes fucking strapon

Take it all, Giselle….

Giselle Humes Domestic Discipline

A little loving aftercare from the Goddess

Giselle Humes Anal Discipline

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