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Fetish Friday With June Ann – Today’s Episode: Baby Oil!

Fetish Friday With June Ann – Today’s Episode: Baby Oil!

Fetish Friday With June Ann
Today’s Episode: Baby Oil!

Hi! I’m June Ann and I’m so excited you are joining me for Fetish Friday! Every Friday I let you in on all the secrets I’ve learned on the Wasteland sets for the last 15 years! We will explore a new fetish together every week. Join me this week as we explore the wonderful world of baby oil. 

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O (The Story of O) – was an influential novel about sado-masochism written by Pauline Reage in the 1950’s. Iit tells the story of ‘O’, a french woman who is taken by her lover Rene to a chateau called ‘Roissy’ on the edge of Paris where she is systematically subjugated and moulded into a willing slave through sexual assaults, regular whippings, and long hours in solitude.

Oil – This is one of the simplest and safest ways to add a little mess to your sex. There are countless varieties of lube out there to test-drive and we’re willing to believe there’s something out there for everyone.

Oriental Bondage (japanese bondage)
 – is an elaborate, and to some beautiful, rope bondage developed in the Orient where it was originally used as a torture technique. It combines the usual bondage-effect of helplessness with aesthetic beauty and in some cases an intense erotic massage (caused by the pressure of the ropes and knots) that’s similar to acupressure techniques and traditional Japanese shiatsu massage.

OTK or Over-the-Knee
 – is a popular and well-known position for spanking, where the person being spanked lays face-down across the lap of the spanker.

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