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Weed Store Reviews Making Legal Marijuana Easy And Reliable Nationwide

Weed Store Reviews Making Legal Marijuana Easy And Reliable Nationwide

It’s always interesting to me how things that once were kept in the closet, sometimes illegal and generally frowned upon by mainstream society eventually gain acceptance and part of the norm.  Like BDSM and Kinky culture.  LGBT.  And, the current sub-culture that is moving on up:  Legal Marijuana in the USA.

As expected, as sub-cultures come into societal acceptance, there is always the need for vendors and services to supply folks with the goods.  For bdsm and kink, The Stockroom which started out as an occluded mail order business, and today is viewed as a reliable source for high quality bdsm apparel and gear.  For the LGBT community, there is now a vast array, ranging from B&Bs, to wedding planners to even Disney World hosting LGBT weekends.  And, now for the weed community, a growing number of legal stores to purchase legal cannabis products

On that note, the following press release came to me today for a peek at that growing industry….

Seattle – As marijuana legalization continues to gain momentum across the country and around the globe, a whole new set of obstacles must be cleared before the cannabis community can finally enjoy all the medical benefits and recreational sensations that humans had derived for centuries before governments mistakenly deemed it to be an illicit substance.

 “We are working with many legal recreational weed businesses, medicinal marijuana enterprises and plenty of interested consumers in ways that we believe will help galvanize the grassroots movement to legalize into an equally important coalition aimed at providing the best consumer experience and the most efficient ways for every interested party to stay connected” said Stewart Tongue of WeedStoreReviews.com. “Right now there are so many restrictions on advertising or collaborating and WeedStoreReviews is already having success at turning those speed-bumps into opportunities for forward thinking business owners and their customers.

 What Weed Store Reviews actually does is interesting because of the scope and size of the site. Instead of limiting itself to just one region, or type of marijuana or kind of green business, they are actively building a destination site that does a surprisingly great job of providing new visitors and their returning audience with a lot of benefits. A frequently updated News & Culture section, full Weed App appraisals for mobile phone apps, nearly 1,000 weed store reviews across several states, marijuana cooking recipes, a weed tube chock full of How To videos and entertainment options, state by state explanation of local laws and so much more.

 “One of the main benefits of Weed Store Reviews, as compared to other marijuana websites is that it is aimed beyond finding a single local store” according to Mr. Tongue. “We want our audience to find a great store nearby, but we also recognize the joy that comes from discovery and exploration beyond any one store. That’s why we offer bonus discounts, store menu updates, reviews of cannabis strains and so much other content that is intended to assist visitors who want to go deeper. Finding one store is great, being able to familiarize yourself with several stores and have access to everything from lab data on your favorite strains to a proactive understanding of what new products are available at each location is the real key to maximizing your marijuana experience.”

 The site itself actually doesn’t officially launch until 420 (April 20th) of 2015, but they are already getting a massive amount of public support from store owners, customers, media outlets and other interested parties who have turned what should be a beta period into a pre-launch frenzy. Hundreds of comments now appear on the review pages, their Facebook and Twitter accounts have already earned thousands of followers and their new podcast is being listened to by many insiders who understand the wave of community interaction that www.WeedStoreReviews.com is already ushering in at a time when the cannabis community needs exactly that to continue its exponential growth.

Weed Store ReviewsCheck it out!

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