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I Want to Be Alone After Rough Sex. Is that Normal?

I Want to Be Alone After Rough Sex. Is that Normal?

There is a plethora of ways one can have intercourse, ranging from regular boy-on-girl sex to fun times resulting from cougar and BBW dating hookups. And while there are things most people prefer (missionary position and oral sex, we’re looking at you!), there are also certain ways to have sex that aren’t that common. That’s because everyone enjoys different dynamics when it comes to having sex. In that regard, we wanted to talk about rough sex, the inescapable feeling that some people who practice it experience quite often and if having that feeling is normal.

Psyche Meets Physical Needs

Our preferred way of having sex can mostly be attributed to our psyche. What we imagine in our heads, all the fantasies we have and all the things that turn us on come directly from our conscious and subconscious.

That explains why different people like different things – and not only when it comes to sex. While sex is a largely physical activity, a vast majority of our preferences can be attributed to psychological factors.

Seeing as rough sex isn’t for everyone, we can easily deduct that you have to have a certain psychological profile to fit into the rough sex crowd. Furthermore, this also explains why a lot of people who like rough sex have the need to be alone after the act itself.


The Butterfly Effect

Although people that like rough sex are roughly the same, the things that are driving their sexual preferences are different nevertheless. For example, one girl may like it rough because that’s the only time she feels like she’s having an actual fun, while another woman may prefer it over regular sex because she loves it when her partner is going hard on her.

Whatever the case may be, wanting to be alone after having a sexual séance is a perfectly acceptable thing, regardless of whether rough sex is involved or not. On the other hand, a person’s need for solitude after an intimate act is not something to worry about neither.

The main reason why we’re saying this is because ‘you’ time is about the best way to figure yourself out and to truly get to know yourself. When it comes to rough sex, most people that need to be alone afterward have this urge because they simply want to relax, recover or even possibly catch a power nap after an exhausting session of hardcore humping.

In any case, if you’re one of those people that must spend some time alone after some quality rough sex with their partners, don’t get frustrated or worried that something is wrong with you. Everyone needs to be alone once in a while – it’s just that the reason behind your need for some solo time lies in liking it rough and tough, and there’s no shame or anything wrong with that.

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