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Anal Fucking Machine Movie – Test Pilot

Anal Fucking Machine Movie – Test Pilot

Deep in a subterranean facility, in a secret location just outside London lies the labs and experimentation facility of a secret organization. Today, thanks to the a beautiful volunteer from France (Vyxen Steele), Q and his men will be testing some new and interesting equipment, that is guarantees to make their beautiful victims bend to their commands.

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Fucking Machines

Deeper and deeper!

Fucking Machines

And a bit of electro stim added as a bonus!

Fucking Machines

I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille!

anal fucking machine vyxen steele

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Simon Blackthorne
Simon Blackthorne is a Dungeonmaster at Wasteland.com. With over 30 years experience as a MaleDom, he brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and wit to the BDSM scene. Simon was one of original directors and contributors to Wasteland starting in 1995 and is a respected leader in the New England BDSM community. You can see Simon's BDSM Video Demonstrations and Tutorials at Wasteland.com

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