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How to Lose Gag Reflex?

How to Lose Gag Reflex?

Talking about oral sex, we can’t help but mention numerous obstacles that might come in its way – she might not be into it, he might not into be it, or the one that’s supposed to perform oral sex might have a strong gag reflex. Speaking of latter, it doesn’t matter if we’re talking girl-on-guy, gay or BBW dating, it can still create a lot of problems when it comes to fellatio.

It’s no secret that a lot of people have a gag reflex while some of them even ‘suffer’ from its hypersensitive form. In any case, it’s a nuisance, but it’s not unsolvable! Here are a couple of ways to suppress that bothersome gag reflex.

Gag Reflex tip #1: Acupuncture and Acupressure

Let’s start off with the ways one can get rid of the gag reflex in general. For example, acupuncture has proved to be one of the better ways of suppressing the unpleasant feeling caused by the gag reflex (among other things).

The ear is the point of focus for acupuncture in dental patients – mainly the innermost whorl of cartilage – which allows the subversion of the signals sent by the vagus nerve located near the ear.

Another way to suppress the aforementioned reflex is to use acupressure. It works the same way as acupuncture but you need to be an expert to do it. The best method for stopping the gag reflex via acupressure is to put your left hand in a fist while holding your thumb inside instead of outside. This should give you about 30 seconds of gag reflex-free time.


Gag Reflex tip #2: What to do During Oral Sex

Now, the things that we’ve mentioned above are fine and all, but can they help you give a better blowjob? Yes, but only in certain situations: acupuncture is going to help you if you’re having a session right before sexy time with your partner, while the acupressure method requires you to avoid using one of your hands while giving head.

So, instead of focusing on those, let’s tackle some more practical tips that allow both women and men to bypass their gag reflex and thus orally satisfy their partner to the fullest.

One path suggests using your hands as much as you can. For example, you can place your hands on the base of the penis, which will effectively decrease the length that you have to insert into your mouth. Combine this with moving your head in conjunction with your hands and your partner won’t have the slightest idea as to where your hands end and where your mouth begins.

Furthermore, giving great head isn’t about deep throating your guy every single second. You’re allowed – no, encouraged – to use your lips and tongue just as much as you would use your mouth. Plus, the penis is only one part you can work with, as there’s also the scrotum and the anus right there to make it easier for you if you’re stuck with a bad gag reflex.

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