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FemDom Training – Giselle’s Lesson in Posture

FemDom Training – Giselle’s Lesson in Posture

Mistress Irony is sick and tired of Giselle’s sloppiness. She just can’t seem to get it right. She slouches, her back is never straight, her ass is never stuck out, but the biggest offense of them all is the fact the Giselle shows Mistress no respect. Her eyes are never downcast, she never pays attention and she never does “her best” at any task asked of her. That is all going to change, today. Mistress is determined to to get this lesson through Giselle’s head. Remember, with every great achievement, there is great pleasure.

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Femdom Bondage Sex Posture Training

Good posture is SO important, Giselle…

Femdom Bondage Sex Posture Training

Balance, Bbay! Balance!

Femdom Bondage Sex Posture Training

Giselle has passed the test and is rewarded

bdsm posture lesson


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  1. Stunning pictures and a nice movie!

    Lovely greetings,
    enrico, slave of Mistress Kate – Netherlands

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