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A Lesson In Sexual Submission Learned

A Lesson In Sexual Submission Learned

What defines submission?

  • A desire to please.
  • Placing your own desires behind another’s.
  • Allowing someone else to control you.

As a submissive (someone who’s into it for the joy of submission, not just someone who likes being dominated in bed), the primary desire is to please the D-type. That often means elevating their desires above your own in a variety of different ways. For example, a sub generally doesn’t enjoy being punished but that doesn’t mean they resist it. Allowing someone else to control you is a broad statement and could be as minor as obeying orders in the bedroom or as high-level as literally not having opinions until you hear what your D-type wants.

Master Rob Gadling is quite displeased with Ava. The situation must be rectified. Ava struggles relentlessly under Master Rob’s stinging flogger which only serves to upset him further. There is no way to know if Ava will ever become the well mannered obedient slave she was meant to be…but she sure does try in this update – A Lesson Learned.

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bdsm sexual submission

Firmly secured and ready for play!

bdsm sexual submission

Ava presents her ass to her Master.

bdsm sexual submission

Sexual Submission Complete!

bdsm sexual submission

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